RavenNoir Night Writers

Who are the RavenNoir Night Writers? 

The RavenNoir Night Writers are a unique breed of creative writers who like to, at least on occasion, reach down into the pit of darkness and resurface with a fistful of fears from which they're positively itching to weave into a tale. Not just any tale, but one that will raise the hair on the back of the reader's neck, and surface in a nightmare. If a writer has never written a "thriller" type story, it's totally okay. Even well-established writers can improve their crafts by escaping their comfort zones and at least attempting to pen something different. And what better time to accept this challenge than at Halloween... in Steven King's home state! 

Annual Event - October 26-31, 2021

The first 2021 Annual Getaway Package will be available for purchase July 1st. The date for the event is October 26-31 and will be hosted by the Guilford Bed and Breakfast in central Maine.  Many guests enjoy visiting friends and family in the area, and find it especially convenient to book their own space for their accommodations. To avoid family burnout, having your own place to "come home to" makes it much more enjoyable for the host and visiting family and friends. Just give us a call and we'll set you up. 

How do I join? 

Membership is free and joining couldn't be easier. Simply click here to let us know you're interested. We'll add you to our email list and contact you only when we have RavenNoir updates available.


The 2021 RavenNoir Getaway Package

The basic package will include lodging and breakfast. Special activities like a moose-viewing tour may be optional. Expect short, daily writing challenges and open discussions with fellow writers. One of the writing challenges will include reading a scary short story by candlelight for an intimate gathering as part of a Halloween Celebration. Yes, there will be prizes. The agenda will detail what you can expect. Meanwhile, if you questions, please email them to guilfordbnb@gmail.com.