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An Evening with an Artist

Wendy has big plans for the Guilford Bed and Breakfast. She's very excited about one plan in particular as it promotes local artists within the community by giving them a spotlight and a voice for an evening in front of a public audience. The event is called, An Evening with an Artist" and the premier event is planned for Wednesday, May 29. An Evening with an Artist will involve one artist who is exceptionally skilled or trained in a specific creative area and who is interested in a demonstrating their skills, sharing some thoughts about their passion, and then wrap up the evening with a few Q & A from the audience. It's a chance for artists to get their name out there and be recognized, and a chance for the community to enjoy elegant, and creatively stimulating evening with an artist.

The first Evening with an Artist is scheduled for May 29. Subsequent venues will be held on the last Friday of each month. If you know of any artists who may be interested in being featured for this event, please ask them to contact Wendy at

Participate in the beauty of sound

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