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Boxes, boxes and more boxes

For the last two weeks I have been burried under a mountain of boxes. Kitchen stuff (first floor) inadvertently delivered to the third floor bedroom, and bathroom toiletries delivered to the first floor dining room. I was pleasantly surprised when I did find a wisk in a box in the kitchen. What a treat. Those movers did a number on us, that's for sure. Still, after two weeks, we've finally reduced most of the boxes to flat panels of cardboard, posted them on line and several locals have stopped by to collect them for their own personal use. Good riddance, to the boxes, I mean. Right now even the sight of a box gives me goose bumps. But for all of you who have had the misfortune of relocating in the past, can relate to me. You know. You've been there. Still, on the bright side, we are making progress.

Just yesterday I received the door signs for the guest doors. I had them output at a local sign company, and I must say, they did a phenomenal job. Applying the vinyl cutout letters to the door wasn't easy, but something about it gave me a grand sense of accomplishment for some reason. I am very pleased - they just add that extra "umph" to the place, I think.

There is so much work to do. And so far we have only tackled little challenges. But somehow I have to believe, all the tasks in my encyclopedia of lists, will be completed at some point. I guess that's why it's important to sit back and smile when I get to check one more thing off my to-do list. Ahhh, I can take a breath and realize, this one's completed. Just a few seconds, I need, to bask in my tiny little accomplishment before I start on the next task at hand. Life. Don't you just love it?

The smaller pile of boxes

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