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Evening with an Artist - Tom Lyford

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The Guilford Bed and Breakfast hosted their premier "Evening with an Artist" last evening, May 29th. And while I marketed the event heavily, as time drew nearer, I had growing concerns over the fact that I was receiving very little response by way of interest from folks. A week ago, we still only had two people who had reserved their seats for the evening. But the numbers slowly grew to nine over the last few days. I am overjoyed to say that we ended up with a whopping fifteen fantistic guests! It was a wonderful surprise, and had me scrambling to provide extra seating at the last minute. A scramble that made my heart flutter, I can tell you. The evening began with an introduction, followed by few words from Tom, and then the poetry reading. A blanket of silence fell over the room as Tom transported us back to his childhood with his poetic charms. The Q&A at the close of the evening was most enjoyable as well as the audience was invited to ask Tom questions about his poems and his perspective on poetry. A warm and special thank you goes out to Tom, whose remarkable ability to paint a picture with his words, captivated all who attended. The delightful audience was also top notch, responsive and insightful. Overall, I'm pleased to announce that the event was a resounding success and I feel both honored and fortunate that Tom Lyford so graciously accepted my invitation to take the spotlight for us for the evening. A truly gifted, remarkable man indeed.

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