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Favorite Things at Christmas time

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...” plays in my cranial orchestra as I wipe the sleep from my eyes this morning. What better time to mention a few of my favorite things, especially on the eve of Christmas Eve. Wait, is that a thing?

One of my top three has to be waking up next to my Snickers, our resident canine companion. Such a warm, comforting feeling of sublime well-being. The fact that the life expectancies of our pets are so much shorter than ours, makes our time with them even more dear. Even though we miss them terribly when they’re gone, the precious time we spend with them makes it all worth it.

Another one of my favorite things would be not so much the boisterous hustle and bustle of the season, but rather the quiet, contemplative side of things. A chance to recharge the spirit. Rising before the sun, turning on the Christmas tree lights in the darkness, and listening to traditional holiday instrumentals. Add a fresh cup of coffee in hand, a dozing pup by my side... yes, this is truly a blessed moment.

Another one of my favorite things is watching snowflakes falling outside the windows, dancing flames ablaze in the fireplace, and appreciating those who are the nearest and dearest to me, my family and friends. Having a loving husband to share my highs and lows every day tops my list. Easy to overlook, but completely irreplaceable.

This season, why not buck the bustle, and carve a path to your own happiness? Change tradition, if necessary. Make this time a life-changing renewal of your own spirit. What are your truly heart-felt, favorite things?

This season may we re-experience our favorite moments like twinkling lights on the Christmas trees of life.

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