Frigg'n Tastic

This morning artist, Lydia Spencer, began the much-anticipated mural on the second floor of the Guilford Bed and Breakfast in Maine. What's it going to look like? I'm keeping that a secret for now, although it is expected to be completed in a week or two depending on the level of enchanting detail she'll be working into her magic. What I can tell you is that the main focus will be on Frigg (also Frija, Fria, and Frige), a goddess associated with fertility, marriage and the household, love and sexuality, wisdom, prophecy, forethought, and divination. In modern terms, we might say Frigg was an intelligent, competent, multi-tasking woman, deeply attuned to her intuitive nature. Balancing all her roles could not have been easy, but she managed with a little help from her friends.

I gravitated toward Lydia like a kindred spirit the first time we met, through fine artist, Alan Bray, via the Monson Arts Center. There is a realistic sense of balance about Lydia. She's not only an artist but also a businesswoman and highly professional on all counts. She clearly has depth and even the elements in her creations are purposefully significant. She does not dis-engage when in the “creative zone”. On the contrary, she fully engages. Lydia is a creative, highly efficient, multi-faceted woman. How lucky I am to have found a modern-day Frigg to hire for this project. For more info on Lydia, check out