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Frigg'n Tastic

This morning artist, Lydia Spencer, began the much-anticipated mural on the second floor of the Guilford Bed and Breakfast in Maine. What's it going to look like? I'm keeping that a secret for now, although it is expected to be completed in a week or two depending on the level of enchanting detail she'll be working into her magic. What I can tell you is that the main focus will be on Frigg (also Frija, Fria, and Frige), a goddess associated with fertility, marriage and the household, love and sexuality, wisdom, prophecy, forethought, and divination. In modern terms, we might say Frigg was an intelligent, competent, multi-tasking woman, deeply attuned to her intuitive nature. Balancing all her roles could not have been easy, but she managed with a little help from her friends.

I gravitated toward Lydia like a kindred spirit the first time we met, through fine artist, Alan Bray, via the Monson Arts Center. There is a realistic sense of balance about Lydia. She's not only an artist but also a businesswoman and highly professional on all counts. She clearly has depth and even the elements in her creations are purposefully significant. She does not dis-engage when in the “creative zone”. On the contrary, she fully engages. Lydia is a creative, highly efficient, multi-faceted woman. How lucky I am to have found a modern-day Frigg to hire for this project. For more info on Lydia, check out

It is vital for women to appreciate other women in our lives, especially those who have gained our respect and from whom we can learn to become a better person. People who empathize with us when we need to vent our frustrations and can always help us view unsurmountable problems as challenges to overcome by simply considering another perspective. Whether we realize it or not, those other "human goddesses" are in our lives to better ours, as we are in theirs for the same reason. It's important to recognize them. Today, Lydia is starting with a blank slate, but there is magic in the air. A goddess will inevitably appear. Let’s allow our inner goddesses to emerge as well. And like life, I am certain a few surprises will be unveiled along the way.

Stay tuned for the next update, and please keep us in mind when you're planning your next Maine getaway!

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