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Holidays Approaching

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away now and you know what follows. Is this a time you eagerly anticipate or secretly wish you could play dead like the opossum and not wake up until the holidays are over? I hope you choose the former, but I understand if you didn't. It can be especially difficult for those who find themselves alone during these holidays. Me? I love this time. Changing up the decor to commemorate the seasonal changes, trying out new recipes to add to the old favorites, baking different cultural delights (or attempting to) and oh, the delicious aromas emanating from the kitchen, and did I mention the eating part? I confess, that last bit I enjoy way more than I should, but let's tackle that topic another day. Even with all this goodness, though, holidays can quickly drain our spirits.

Do you have someone with whom you can share these moments? If you do, consider yourself blessed. At some time in our lives, most of us will inevitably experience a holiday without that someone. At present, I have a family, a husband and a dog. What more could I want? But can you imagine how difficult it must be for those who feel compelled to act pleasantly and chipper around others when inside they feel so desperately alone? No, it's not a place I'd want to be either.

This year for Thanksgiving, I am putting out a challenge to all of you. I realize that holidays are traditionally meant for families, but this year, why not consider adding one more to your table who is in need of a family? One act won't change the world, but this gesture of kindness may make a huge difference to that person. And in the process, who knows? It just may make us better humans.

This year for Thanksgiving, let's express our thankfulness not by words, but by our deeds. Thank you for reading.

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